The Children Will Be a Blessing

What a beautiful promise! I hold on to what the bible says that my children will become a blessing. I am looking forward to a great future that the children that God entrusted to me will become great someday. With uncertainty, my heart is steadfast knowing they will become fine men. As young as they are, my desire is to consistently pray for them and to teach them the ways of God. I am asking for His grace and wisdom that I am leading them to love God more and more and direct them to Jesus. My desire is for my kids to look to God and be able to understand that He is the source of their love and provision.

I have the assurance that even in times when my children will face trouble, the Lord will be with them to save them. He will make sure that they can live in righteousness. I am fully convinced that they will never be forsaken by their great Father in heaven. I hope that they will learn to cry out and draw near to Him when difficulties strike and they are in hope that God will bring success and victory. I believe that in all that they do, they will honor and acknowledge God and in turn He will reward their obedience.

“I was young and now I am old, yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging bread. They are always generous and lend freely, THEIR CHILDREN WILL BE A BLESSING. The salvation of the righteous comes from the Lord; he is their stronghold in time of trouble. The Lord helps them and delivers them; he delivers them from the wicked and saves them, because they take refuge in him.” (Psalm 37:25-26, 39-40 NIV)


Mothering requires being strong when your kids are in pain

ImageI am now “officially” a mother of two boys in terms of them experiencing minor cuts & bumps in their heads because they are so full of energy and very active. I don’t know how to react finding out that they were physically in pain but when it happened I was comforted that it could have been worst. Thank you God for your protection are always upon them. The angels were always busy surrounding them. During those times, all I can do was to cuddle and comfort them and assured them that everything will be alright. I would try to pacify them to stop crying and told them to be brave enough even when they saw the blood and put medication on their wounds. 

In the same way, I know that when I am also suffering and in pain, God will always be there for me. Thank you Jesus for giving me courage to face problems and challenges. In those crying moments, His soothing voice and His presence makes me secure. For I know that help, solutions and breakthroughs will always be on my way.

Isaiah 66:13 “As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you; and you will be comforted over Jerusalem.”

Even Parents Experience Separation Anxiety When Their Children Go to School

I wrote this article when Justin, my eldest son, was about to go to school. Read along.


I have been busy for the past weeks preparing the things that my eldest son will need as he enters Kinder 1.  It’s kinda exciting buying stuff that are so familiar years back. It brought  back all the fun memories in school. I thought enrolling your son to a school should be easy since  I was a pupil before but I guess not. I have been to Divisoria and different stores selling school supplies just to find cheap but good quality material. I searched for a tailor to sew my son’s uniform and tried to practice my son to sleep early and wake up early and taught him to drink his milk fast enough. Not only that, I tried to psych up myself and my husband that we will be entering a new time zone and new season of first-time parents who have children on board to school.

Next week will be Justin’s first day of school and just thinking about it raised so many questions in mind. Will my son enjoy being in school? How will he cope up with so many kids surrounding him? Will he cry and throw tantrums if he does not see us? Are we really going to find time to help him do his assignments inspite of our busy schedule? Is he going to share his “baon” to his classmates or will he get someone’s food? Will he stay quiet or participate in class? These are just some random thoughts and there are more but I hope you get to see the picture. I am honest to say that I am afraid but I know I can get by. The same way that we had questions when we became first-time mothers nevertheless God gave us the love and the wisdom on how to raise our babies. It will always be a hands-on experience. We don’t learn it in school. What we have is just a show of affection with lots of prayers and faith in God that we are able to do it and our kids will turn out fine.

Now I know that even parents experience separation anxiety especially when our kids have to go to school. We cannot neglect what we feel but we know that God will give us the courage to face them. I hope we can learn to let go of our children and embrace the fact that there will be more people who will influence them – their teachers, classmates, security guards, school cleaners, etc.

We should learn to console ourselves that God has been preparing us for this season and day by day we can get by because God is with us and whatever challenges we have in life we can be successful and experience happiness when we see that our kids love to be in school.

My Prayer:

I pray that God will give us courage, patience, wisdom and creativity to enjoy this season of schooling of our children. May we find time to speak God in their lives always by praying for them, reading God’s word and letting them understand that even if we are not with them God is looking out for them. May we always seek and inquire of God what we want for them and what’s best for them. And in the end, God is pleased when we have faith in coming to Him that it is part of God’s plan to let our children enjoy the love for learning. Happy school days!

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